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Mussolini’s Rise to Power: Becoming Prime Minister

How then, was it possible for someone who was on the very fringes of Italian politics to become a political figure that held power for over two decades? The severe political instability of the country, coupled with the increasing fascist violence, meant that the government at the time was finding it almost impossible to cope. […]

The Character and Background of Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was born on the 29th July 1883, making him 39 in 1922 when he became Prime Minister. Born to a socialist blacksmith and a catholic school teacher, his early political views were largely influenced by his father as they worked away at his smithy together. ¬†As a result of religious difficulties between his […]

The State of Italy in 1922

To understand how Mussolini, with his radical nationalist and socialist views, rose to power in 1922, an overview of Italy at the time must be carefully observed. Italy was, at this point in time, a very new concept. Compared to countries like England, which have been around for centuries upon centuries it is hard to […]